Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Still not a lot of news on the adoption front right now.  Matt and I will be attending a seminar next month about the Korea program at Bethany.  It will be nice to meet other families who will be traveling to Korea soon to pick up their children, some of them at the same time as us! 

We have received some exciting news lately - Matt's company has decided to start a Adoption Assistance program, and we will most likely be the first family to receive the benefits from this fund.  We are very appreciative of their generosity, and look forward to sharing in this journey with Leaf.  They have been a part of our lives since before we were married (Matt's been there since college), and have seen our family grow, so it will be neat to have the adoption connected to them as well :)

If you received a Christmas letter from us this year you will have received a copy of our support letter as well.  We decided that a way to be good stewards of our money was to send the two out at once!   Some friends and family have already responded and sent prayers and financial support our way.  We are feeling truly humbled and blessed that so many of you are joining us in prayer for our child!  Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!!!