Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We are doing our best to adjust to the time difference between here and Korea!  Last night Alex finally slept through the night (or at least we didn't let him get up and play).  Matt and I both feel significantly more rested today, but I think we still have some adjusting to do! 

Today I will take Alex to the doctor to have a quick check up and be sure he's 100% healthy like we think he is :)  The kids also had their first day back at school since we've returned.  Its nice to have life seem a little more routine!

I've got a ton to do around the house, so I'll post more later, but in the mean time, enjoy some pictures of our homecoming taken by my sweet friend Jill from Raindancer Studios.


JimandJackie said...

The pictures are amazing, I love how you see your darling children meet their brother for the first time. The tears were falling!!!