Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots of Catching Up!

Ok, so I recognize that I have been terrible at keeping this blog up to date!   I could offer excuses, but suffice it to say the holiday season kept me busy, along with have 3 kids.   The transition from 2-3 kids has been harder than I expected.  Not bad, but just not leaving me with a ton of free time after all of the house work, homework, and cooking are done.  When I do have a few free moments I've been spending them working on my business that I hope to continue to grow in 2011.  This is going to be a catch-up post of sorts - a few snapshots into the last few months :)

Also enjoy this little video of Alex playing in his Thomas tent. He played in this for a good 30 min this weekend and pretty much never ran out of laughs :)

The most important thing that happened in the last few months is that we made Alex officially a part of the family!  On Dec 16th we finalized Alex's adoption at the Marion County Courthouse.  It was a huge celebration there as the judge and courts were all dressed up for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed making families whole all that day!