Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Visit

Our adoption specialist visited the house yesterday. It was her only pre-adoption visit. She had to check around the house and get a good idea of the neighborhood so that she can include that information in our homestudy. We also had a talk about our parenting styles and she shared some information about parenting an internationally adopted infant. The biggest thing to consider is that it is HIGHLY suggested that the parents are the only ones to provide the baby's basic needs (changing diapers, feeding, rocking to sleep, soothing, etc) for a period of time after the baby comes home. This is to help the child bond with the parents and form a strong attachment. It will be interesting for us as we will have to scale back some of our involvement in outside activities, but it is the same type of thing you would do with a newborn that was biological - our "extracurriculars" will take a back seat to our new addition :) It is all starting to become more real! After we finish reading our books (I have one left, Matt has about 1.5) and we attend two courses at the Bethany office we will be done! Whew, its hard to believe we're at that point. After that, we wait... that begins a whole new chapter of the adoption experience!