Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paperwork Push

We found out last week that we had the opportunity to move our "paperwork date". The paperwork date is what I call the day they will send all our info and homestudy to Korea. It was originally scheduled to happen in August, but last week our adoption coordinator contacted us and said that several couples had dropped out of the program and if we wanted we could move our date to July, assuming our homestudy was completed on time. Considering all that is left to complete our homestudy is Matt's physical (scheduled for the end of the month) and finishing 2 books, I think we're on track to be done with time to spare. Its starting to get exciting, but boring at the same time. It will be very exciting to have our paperwork all filled out and off to Korea, but then the boring part will come - waiting. However, once our homestudy is complete we will be able to apply for grants and/or no-interest loans to off-set the cost of adoption, so I guess it will become a whole new paperchase then. Phew. Who knew adoption would be such a labor!? It is not deterring us, however, we are just as excited as when we started :)