Thursday, May 14, 2009


We've been given some more specific dates for our adoption. Our paperwork will now be going to Korea in July (a few families dropped out of the program and we got moved up!). At this point they are seeing a 6 month wait to be matched with children. That would put us into January. Once we have been matched, we will review all the paperwork on the child, ask an international adoption specialist about any heath issues, and then accept the referral if we're ready to do so. Then it is about a 3-4 month wait while all of the legal issues are worked out. So right now we're looking at somewhere around May/June 2010 as our date to bring our newest addition home!

If you're praying, please ask God to bless our child's health. At this point, it is most likely our baby has already been conceived! Pray for the mother of the child as she is dealing with the very difficult decision to give her child up, pray also for her health and that she is receiving support from the people in her life.

Thanks for all the continued support!


thoughts and ramblings said...

Praying for you guys!!! Wow...this is so exciting! :)


Relynn said...

I had no idea you guys were adopting! I'm so happy for all four of you. I wish you as easy of an experience as possible with this. Good Luck!