Sunday, June 21, 2009


This week has brought about a change in focus for Matt and I. Up to this point everything we've done has been to work toward the ever-nearing date of our paperwork packet being sent to Korea (July 15th at the latest!). Now that our homestudy is essentially completed we've been stepping back, getting a fresh perspective and getting really, really excited! It feels so good to be on the other side of the paperwork and to have time to resume dreaming of our soon-to-be child :)

However, with the homestudy being completed and the paperwork being sent off comes all of the financial responsibilities. We're in the process of stripping away anxiety, pride, and fear, and beginning to trust God to provide the money we need. We're drafting a support letter, filling out grant and interest-free loan applications, and taking the next steps of faith toward the goal God set before us last November.

Another item of note is that if we calculate back from the approximate age the child will be when we get them (10-12 months) and the length of time it will probably be before we go to pick up our child (approx. 9-10 months), then we can see that our child is probably already born or about to be! Please join us in continuing to pray for the child's health, and for the mother who is making the choice to put her child's life and happiness ahead of her own. Thanks!


thoughts and ramblings said...

Continuing to pray for you two through this process. It's really great that you have this blog to keep everyone posted.

Love you guys!


brandy said...

Don't know what grants you have applied for but I wanted to pass along the link for Shaohannah's Hope.

Gob Bless and I am Praying everything works out.