Friday, July 30, 2010

Exciting News :)

Just got the following email from our adoption worker:

"Hi Andrea,

Good News!!  Not only was the paperwork submitted to the Ministry, but Holt just notified us today that the EP (Emigration Permit) was issued on July 29th.  Congratulations!

Sometimes, this happens..we only receive EP, not submission to the Ministry date.

Now, your son's passport and visa need to be completed by the authorities in Korea.  When that has been completed, Holt will notify us that you can come to Korea.  I've asked the coordinator if she knows the most current timeline from EP to travel...I'll let you know her response.

This is a nice way to start the weekend!"

We're SUPER excited about this unexpected news :)


Jamie Hergott said...

FABULOUS news!! This makes me so excited!